[ANNOUNCE] Weekly Community Update 2019/47

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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly Community Update 2019/47

Konstantin Knauf-2
Dear community,

happy to share this week's weekly community digests with flink-packages.org, an update on the release of Flink 1.8.3, Flink Forward San Francisco CfP and a couple of smaller discussions and proposals.

Flink Development

* [ecosystem] Ververica has announced the launch of flink-packages.org. It is a registry of  Apache Flink ecosystem projects (connecters, metrics reporters, operational tools, ...) to make it easier to find and promote these projects in the community. Everyone can add their own projects and vote on listed projects. [1]

* [releases] Now that the vote for flink-shaded 9.0 has passed [2], I expect to see a first release candidate for Flink 1.8.3 as well soon [3].

* [releases] The feature freeze for Flink 1.10 was announced for December 8th. The release branch will be cut that date. [4]

* [connectors] As part of Pulsar connector contribution, Yijie Shen has shared a first design document for the integration of Pulsar's catalog with Apache Flink [5]

* [sql] Dawid has published a FLIP (FlIP-87) to support primary key constraints in Apache Flink SQL. Primary Keys (and unique constraints) can be used for query optimization and primary keys are natural keys for upsert streams. [6]

* [checkpointing] Shuwen Zhou has started a discussion on a more flexible configuration checkpointing times (e.g. cron style). [7]

* [webui] Chesnay proposes to remove the old web user interface. It was replaced by a new implementation in Flink 1.9 and was kept around as a backup. [8]

Nothing worth mentioning came to my attention.

Events, Blog Posts, Misc

* The Call for Presentation for Flink Forward San Francisco is now open. The conference will happen March 23rd - 25th (two days conference, one day training). It is the first time that we will have two full conference days in San Francisco. [9]

* Upcoming Meetups
    * We will have our next Apache Flink Meetup in Munich on November 27th with talks by Heiko Udluft & Giuseppe Sirigu, Airbus, and Konstantin Knauf (on Stateful Functions). [10]
    * There will be an introduction to Apache Flink, use cases and best practices at the next Uber Engineering meeup in Toronto. If you live in Toronto, its an excellent opportunity to get started with Flink or to meet local Flink users. [11]
    * The first meetup of the Apache Flink Meetup Chicago on 5th of December comes with four talks(!) highlighting different deployment methods of Apache Flink (AWS EMR, AWS Kinesis Analytics, Verveirca Platform, IBM Kubernetes). Talks by Trevor Grant, Seth Wiesman, Joe Olson and Margarita Uk. [12]


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