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[ANNOUNCE] Weekly Community Update 2019/41

Konstantin Knauf-2
Dear community,

happy to share a small community update this week with Flink Forward Europe, "Stateful Functions" and a bit more.

Flink Development

* [api] Stephan proposes to contribute Stateful Function (statefun.io) to Apache Flink. Stateful Functions were announced by Ververica earlier this week at Flink Forward Europe. It is an Actor-like API, which makes it easier to to write general purpose event-driven application on top of Flink. There has been a lot of positive feedback so far. [1]

* [releases] The vote/verification of Flink 1.9.1 RC1 is still ongoing. [2]

* [python] Dian Fu started a discussion to drop Python 2 support in Flink 1.10. It looks like there is a consensus for this due to Python 2's EOL in January 2020 and additional external dependencies (e.g. Beam) added for the the 1.10 release increasing the burden of continued  support.  [3]

* [config] In a previous update, I covered FLIP-54 "Evolve ConfigOption and Configuration". In the course of the discussion this FLIP has turned out to be intertwined with too many other areas and ongoing developments. Hence, Timo proposed to split it up into three FLIPS. The first of these is FLIP-77 "Introduce ConfigOptions with Data Types". It proposes add information about the described type to ConfigOptions. [4]

* [checkpointing] Biao Liu has started a survey about the usage of the "ExternallyInducedSource" and "WithMasterCheckpoint" interfaces. He is currently working on these and is looking for feedback from existing users. [5]

Notable Bugs

Nothing came to my attention :)

Events, Blog Posts, Misc

* This week the community gathered in Berlin for Flink Forward Europe. The recordings of the talks will probably be available next week already. Check https://twitter.com/flinkforward for updates. 

* There will be full-day meetup with six talks in the Bangalore Kafka Group on the 2nd of November including at least three Flink talks by Timo Walter (Ververica), Shashank Agarwal (Razorpay) and Rasyid Hakim (GoJek).  [6]


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